Education Venture by IIM Ahmedabad Alumni

Mind over Matter Learning is an education venture started by experienced IIM Ahmedabad Alumni, who want to create an impact on the way children are being made to learn in today’s globalized and interconnected world.

With a carefully chosen mix of physical tools, technology, worksheets, games and softer motivational aspects, we help your child substantially improve their knowledge, abilities and performance.

Our structured and experiential learning based approach creates interest in studying, helps children become self-learners, improve their confidence and helps in making them more competitive and determined to solve problems on their own. This sets us apart from any other organization working in the same area.

We hate to compare ourselves with tuition classes and coaching classes as we are neither of them. We believe that we are creating a much larger impact on the child’s personality, behavior and thinking ability apart from teaching them concepts in the core subjects.

With easily accessible information, the skills of the future will involve application of our minds to create knowledge. It is this thinking process that we endeavor to influence and inculcate a habit of thoughtful decision making in children.

So if you are looking for effective Maths classes and English classes for your child, look no further.

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