I like your Methodology of teaching. Sneha has emerged as a much more confident child in these 3 months. She puts in more effort than before and does not give up on tough questions.

- Mr. Rajiv Sharma, father of Sneha (Class 3 student).

I like the step by step approach and amount of practice given to strengthen the base. Khushi looks forward to come to the class.

- Mrs. Sonia Sood, mother of Khushi (Class 5 student)


I like the extensive practice and the unique methodology of teaching as the best things about Mind over Matter. Nehal is happy and looks forward to going to the centre.

- Mrs. Taru Bhargawa, mother of Nehal (Class 4 student)

The best thing I like about you is the individual attention given to the child and the innovative way of teaching. Kunal enjoys the activities in the class and learns from them.

- Mrs. Pooja Goyal, mother of Kunal (Class 7 student)