Why As Parents We Need To Focus On Conceptual Understanding?

Weak conceptual understanding prevents a large number of students from excelling in Maths. Initially, parents often overlook such gaps as “silly mistakes”. As time passes, these gaps start negatively impacting the child’s performance which in turn impacts a child’s self-esteem, confidence and self-belief. Sustained poor performance in maths also creates mental blocks in many children. We run various diagnostic assessments which help parents identify such gaps in time. Such gaps need to be attended to as and when they appear and not left for later.


iMaths is a revolutionary program that delivers a holistic solution to all the problems a child faces. Our approach in mathematics is to build a strong foundation by focusing on Dependent Concepts. Let’s understand this with an example.

Children start learning fractions in class 3. Fractions as a concept takes various shapes over years and becomes a dependent concept in higher classes. So if the child has not fully understood the concept of fractions in Class 3, 4 and 5, he/she is unlikely to perform well in concepts like ratios, percentages, rational numbers and exponents in classes 7 and 8 as these topics require that the child fully understand fractions.

It is therefore imperative that for every child, all weak dependent concepts are identified quickly and improved upon through a focused effort using a multi-pronged approach.

Dependent Concept

What do we Do - Copy

How do we do it?

iMaths focuses on building strong conceptual understanding of maths concepts right from basic operations to Higher Order Thinking Skills in a 4-step process.

Every child starts with a one to one concept session with our experienced teacher. Once a firm conceptual foundation is laid, every child works on carefully designed practice modules for their individual need which includes practicing on an online adaptive learning platform and worksheets. Our online platform helps in monitoring every child’s progress at all stages.

How do we do it

The student then is exposed to unfamiliar and challenging word problems with an objective to prepare for school assessments and competitive exams. To instil confidence and build determination in every child, our teachers are trained to minimise their interventions and let students find solution to problems on their own.

Our program also includes a Fortnightly Test to help assess learning outcomes. As a practice every child receives Session Update which has information on concept covered that day and performance of the child on parameters of concentration, initiative and practice. Every child gets stars in the session which forms the basis of our monthly rewards program called Budding Champs.

This proven approach has led to more than 86% students of our iMaths program showing considerable performance improvement in school